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List of Faculty Members

Name & QualificationDesignation
Dr. S. Manikandan M.E., Ph.D.Professor and Head &
Vice Principal(Administration)
Ms. K. Sudha B.E., M.E.Assistant Professor
Ms. M. Kavitha B.E., M.E.Assistant Professor
Mr. G. Muthu Kumar B.E., M.E.Assistant Professor
Dr. D. Hemanand, M.E., Ph.D., Assistant Professor
Ms. N. Belina B.Tech., M.E.Assistant Professor
Ms. S. Bhuvana B.E., M.Tech.Assistant Professor
Mr. P. Arunprakash B.E., M.E.Assistant Professor
Mr. J. Paul rajasingh B.E.,M.E., (Ph.D)Assistant Professor
Mrs. Amudha B.E.,M.E., M.B.AAssistant Professor
Ms.Lavanya B.E.,M.E.,Assistant Professor
Mr. M.Karthick Raja B.E.,M.E.,Assistant Professor

List of Faculty Members Pursuing Ph.D

Mr. J. Paul Rajasingh

List of Supporting Staff

Name & QualificationDesignation
Ms. S. Merlin Reena D.C.T.,M.C.ALab Assistant
Ms. R. Latha D.C.S.E Lab Assistant
Mr. M.A. Parthiban B.E., M.E. Lab Assistant