Principal’s Message



Greetings and Welcome to Sriram Engineering College!

Energy for every basic need and a healthy environment to reside in has become the top-notch priorities of the earth’s populace. Engineering science has always been a tradition of certifying the aforesaid priorities with divergent thoughts and ideas. Most of the inventions and accomplishments so far in the field of engineering science have been energy investing while at the same time being detrimental to the environment. Hence, it is of the utmost importance that the current generation of the engineering fraternity preserves the ethics of engineering science to surmount certainty to protect nature. Nature is the ultimate technology that can corroborate engineering science and technology to be self-indulgent, if not conserved properly.

Sriram Engineering College started its voyage in 1993 with a vision of navigating the intricate athwart ocean of science and engineering via the power of the human mind, body, and soul. Management, faculty, and staff strive to inculcate students and self-realize the harmony of human life and nature through applications of science, engineering, and technology. We have student-first philosophy and provide learning with a human touch. In a nutshell, Sriram Engineering College is a wonderful expedition to self-realize the engineer in YOU; aboard us to enjoy the Journey.