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Chairman's Speech Kalvimalar Dinamalar10/07/19
22nd Graduation Day CelebrationsMakkal Kural09/07/2019
22nd Graduation day CelebrationDinamalar03/07/2019
22nd Graduation day CelebrationTimes of India30/06/2019
22nd Graduation day CelebrationDinamalar30/06/2019
Silver Jubilee Celebration Dinamalar15/03/2019.
Silver Jubilee Year College Day and Sports Day
Makkal Kural14/03/2019
Silver Jubilee Celebration and Silver Jubilee Year College Day & Sports Day Dinamalar09/03/2019
Silver Jubilee Celebration and Silver Jubilee Year College Day & Sports Day Times of India09/03/2019
Alumni Meet - 2018Makkal kural29/12/2019
National Seminar on Emerging Technologies Redefining Chemistry in 21st Century (NSETRC-2018)The New Indian Express 02/10/2018.
21st Graduation Day CelebrationThe New Indian Express01/09/2018
21st Graduation Day CelebrationMakkal Kural31/08/2018
Mechanical Dept. Inaugurated The Association of of Mechanical Engineers. The New Indian Express25/07/2018
Admission advt. 2018 - 19Dina Thanthi08/07/2018
Admission advt. 2018 - 19Dina Thanthi24/06/2018
Admission advt. 2018 - 19Dina Thanthi10/06/2018
Admission advt. 2018 - 19Daily Thanthi03/06/2018
Admission advt. 2018 - 19Dinamalar 26/05/2018.
25th College Day CelebrationsDinamalar25/04/2018.
25th College Day CelebrationsThe New Indian Express14/04/2018
Installation of Rotaract Clubs On 20th March 2018 The New Indian Express12/04/2018
Maths dept – “National Conference On Chemical Graph, Fluid Dynamics And Queueing Theory In Science, Engineering And Technology 24/03/2018″Maalai Sudar 08/04/2018
Automobile Dept.3rd National ConferenceMaalai Sudar24/03/2018
Automobile Dept.3rd National ConferenceMakkal Kural 28/03/2018
IEEE WorkshopThe New Indian Express06/02/2018.
CSE Dept. International ConferenceThe New Indian Express13/01/2018
Talento 2k17 – Science Project & Quiz Competition– 29/11/2017The New Indian Express02/012/2017.
Techville – Science Expo 2K17 The New Indian Express 29/ 11/ 2017
Quiz on Women's Legal Rights Conducted by WEC New Indian Express 16/11/2017
Chess, Boxing, Atheletics and Judo – sports achievement Dinamani25/10/2017
Inauguration of CISCO Centre of Excellence on 06/10/2017 New Indian Express12/10/2017
Dept. Chemistry organized A One Day National conference on Recent Innovations in Applied Chemistry and Advanced materials (NCRIACAM - 2017)Indian Express04/10/2017
20th Graduation Day, 2017Indian Express21/09/2017
of Mechanical Engineering Organized A National Level Technical Symposium "SPARTANZ-2K17"
Indian Express11/09/2017.
Department of Computer science and Engineering Organised National Level Technical Symposium "Zybertron 2K17"Indian Express05/09/2017
Sriram Educational institutions advertisementDinamalar13/05/2017
About Sriram Engineering CollegeDinamalar13/05/2017
Alumni Meet - 2017Dinamalar07/05/17
FDP - EEE DepartmentDinamalar04/05/17
Admission 2017 -18Dinamalar23/04/17
Admission 2017 -18The Hindu23/04/17
CSE ConferenceThe Hindu Edge27-03-2017
Surya Informatics Solutions Pvt., Ltd., Pooled Drive Tamilmurasu
Taekwondo Meet Tamil Murasu & Dinakaran16-02-2017
IDBI Federal life campus placement published in Dinakaran & TamilmurasuDinakaran & Tamilmurasu04-02-2017 & 06-02-2017
Tree Plantation programTamil Murasu02-02-2017
Tree Plantation programDinakaran01-02-2017
CSS corp pooled driveDinakaran11-01-2017
CSS corpThe Hindu10-01-2017
CSE workshop - Ethical hackingThe Hindu09-01-2017
CSE workshopThe Hindu02-01-2017
Pooled Campus DriveDinakaran, Tamil Murasu30-12-2016
Medical Camp Press on 04th Aug, 2016.The Hindu04/08/2016
19th Graduation Day, 2016All Media28/05/2016
One Day National Conference On Developments In Automobile And Mechanical Engineering .The Hindu02/04/2016
One Day National Conference on Cutting Edge Technologies In Computing & Bioinformatics (NCCETICB) Org By Dept Of CSE.The Hindu24/03/2016
18th Alumni Meet, 2015The Hindu11/10/2015
23rd Freshers day function Dinamani11/08/2015
23rd Freshers day function Vill murasu13-08-2015
23rd Freshers day function The New Indian Express13-08-2015
23rd Freshers day function The Hindu 16-08-2015
18 th Graduation Day, 2015Malasudar18.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Chennai Times09.03.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Makkal Kural18.02.2015
Kayakalpa Yoga TrainingThe New Indian Express, The Hindu11.03.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Vill Murasu16.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Dinakaran15.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Dinathanthi14.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Thinaboomi16.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Times of India13.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Dinakaran13.02.2015
SRE C Graduation Day, 2015Dinathanthi13.02.2015
Dengu Awareness ProgrammeThinaboomi05.09.2014
Financial Counselling & Literacy ProgrammeThe Hindu05.01.2015
National Technical SymposiumThe Hindu19.11.2014
Solar Power PlantDinamalar29.07.2014
Solar Power PlantThe New Indian Express28.07.2014
Solar Power PlantDinakaran24.07.2014
Solar Power PlantDinakaran28.07.2014
National Level Technical SymposiumThe New Indian Express19.11.2014
Sports meet for Differently abled PersonsThe New Indian Express20.11.2014
SREC Science & Tech Expo 2014Indian Express14-02-14
Science & Technology Expo 2014Dinamalar04-02-14
SREC Science & Tech Expo 2014Dinamani02-02-14
Science & Tech Expo 2014Dinakaran30-01-14
SREC Science Expo 2014The Hindu (Tamil)30-01-14
SREC Science Expo 2014The Hindu & Indian Express30-01-14
SREC Science Expo 2014Dinamalar01-02-14
SREC Science Expo 2014Dinamani, Dinakaran, Dinamalar, Dinathanthi 29-01-14
Get Set Science Expo SoonIndian Express29-01-14
30th starts Science & Tech Expo 2014Dinamani28-02-14
Science & Tech Expo 2014Dinakaran29-01-14
Science & Tech Expo 2014Dinakaran04-0214
Alumni Meet (Year of Inception 1993)The Hindu17-02-13
Alumni Meet (Year of Inception 1993)Dina thanthi15-02-13
Alumni Meet (Year of Inception 1993)The Hindu & Dina thanthi17-11-13
Alumni Meet (Year of Inception 1993)Dinamani17-11-13
EngagementsThe Hindu & Indian Express22-12-13
EngagementsThe Hindu18-12-13
SREC 17th Graduation DayDinakaran22-02-14
SREC 17th Graduation DayTimes of India 22-02-14
SREC 17th Graduation DayDina thanthi22-02-14


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