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About Department

Mechanical Engineering Department of Sriram Engineering College started functioning from the year1993 with a sanctioned intake of 60 students per annum. The focus of the department is to offer quality education in the specialized fields of Design, Manufacturing, Thermal and Materials engineering. The might of the Department, apart from its Students, is its Qualified and Experienced Faculty/Staff. It has so for graduated more number of mechanical engineers who are contributing significantly to the development and running of various public and private organizations in India and abroad in the fields of, Industrial, Research, Academics, and Social sector.

Programmes Offered Description
B.E (Mechanical Engineering)Started with 45 seats in 1993
Accreditation statusAccredited by NBA-AICTE in 2006 for 3yrs


To be a renowned school of Mechanical Engineering that is recognized for its high quality education, research, and outreach programs.


  • To provide best of knowledge to the students through innovative teaching methods imparting top quality education to build their capacity and hone their skills to make them worldwide competitive mechanical engineers.
  • To establish state of the art research facilities which stimulates faculty, staff and students with opportunities to create, scrutinize, apply and publicize knowledge.
  • To present the students with academic excellence, leadership, ethical strategy and ultimate education desired for a long productive career.
  • To build up the students for facing intellectual and ethical career challenges after graduation

Long Term Goals

  • To pursue excellence in research and technology transfer in order to achieve centre of excellence in the field of bio fuels, materials and its coatings, rapid prototyping, industrial engineering etc..
  • Recruit and retain high quality faculty members with interests in variety of areas of mechanical engineering.
  • Attain national recognition as an active engineering department.
  • To establish job oriented continuous training centre for graduate and diploma students collaborate with industry and other university in light of exchanging ideas.

Short Term Goals

  • To establish Advanced PG courses
  • Consultancy assignments
  • Increase interaction and collaboration with industry- institute interaction as a solution provider for industry.
  • Entertaining the faculties for the skill upgradation through attending seminar, conference etc.
  • Nurture interpersonal, technical, moral and entrepreneurial skills in students through effective mentoring, training and workshops.
  • To encourage Research activities.

Programme Educational Objectives (PEOs)

PEOs are broad statements that describe the career and professional accomplishments that the program is preparing its graduates to accomplish. PEO reflect the career and professional accomplishments of graduates during the first several years after graduation.

  • Our Graduates will be affianced in ongoing learning and professional maturity through self-study, enduring education in mechanical engineering and also in other associated fields.
  • Our Graduates will apply their engineering skills, exhibit significant thinking and problem solving skills in expert engineering practices or tackle social, technical and business challenges.
  • Our Graduates will adopt ethical attitude and display effective skills in communication, management, teamwork and leadership qualities.

Student Counselling

A student counseling committee has been formed in order to understand the grievances of the students of both academic and personal issues. Each faculty, counsel 15 students. The academic performances, behavior and regularity of the student to the classes are monitored closely, based on which students are counseled. Further the matter will be reported to centralized student welfare wing committee.

Department Library

The Department maintains a library to meet the specific needs of its students. There are several Volumes, titles, Journals and CDS available to students throughout the academic year.

Department library meets students curriculum requirement which are available in the form of Books, E-books, journals and CDS.

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