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S.NoTitle of the PatentName of the JournalStatus
1.An Approach For Automatic emotion Detection Of Child Autism Spectrum disorder Using Machine LearningPatent Office Journal, Intellectual Property India.
Patent Office Journal No 23/2020
Application No:202041020719A

Published Date:05/06/2020
S.No.Title of the PaperName of the International JournalYear of Publication
1AIF Algorithm – An efficient approach to increase the sales of infrequent itemsIJTRET International Journal of Trendy research in Engineering and Technology l.Volume 3, Issue 1,Page No. 27-30Feb 2019
2Authenticated Medical Documents Releasing With Privacy Protection And Release ControlIJTRET International Journal of Trendy research in Engineering and Technology lVolume 3, Issue 1,Page No. 37-40 Feb 2019
3A Novel Approach To Detect Collaborative Attacks In Mobile Ad-Hoc NetworksIJTRET International Journal of Trendy research in Engineering and Technology l Volume 3, Issue 1,Page No. 57-60 Feb 2019


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