A Seminar on “Selenium with Java” was conducted on 11/08/2017

A Seminar on “selenium with Java” was conducted in our college for the benefit of the students of the computer science and engineering department. Mr. santhosh sundaramurthy from DXC. Technology [Formerly Hewlett Packard Enterprise], Bangalore came over to deliver this Seminar. He is also an alumni (2006-2010 Batch of CSE department) of our College.

The program started at around 10.50 a.m. Mr. D.Hemanand, AP/CSE Introduced the Chief Guest of this seminar. Our beloved HoD Dr. S. Manikandan honoured the chief guest with the shield. Dr. N. Sankar Ram, Professor/CSE also added the flavour to this occasion. Then our chief guest started to give the seminar on selenium with Java. He gave an explanation about the versions of selenium and how to install it and work on it. He also gave various tips on interviews and expectations of companies.

The first session of the seminar about the basics of java and selenium and after lunch we gathered in our CSE lab for an hands on experience on selenium. He explained how to install selenium firebug for Firefox etc., and then we were made to work on it. The session came to an end at 3.30 pm. The whole session was a very interesting and a knowledgeable session. we thank our HoD of our department for organising this seminar and our staff for coordinating and organising this seminar for us. All the staff members of CSE also attended.

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