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Infrastructure Facilities

The Automobile Department is well equipped with the following laboratory facilities.
1.Automotive Components Laboratory
2.Engine Performance and Emission Testing Laboratory
3.Automotive Fuels and Lubricants Laboratory
4.Automotive Electrical and Electronics Laboratory
5.Two and Three Wheelers Laboratory
6.Vehicle Maintenance and Re-conditioning Laboratory
7.CAD and CAM Laboratory

Automotive Chassis Components Lab
list of equipment’s

  • Multi Cylinder Petrol Engine
  • Multi Cylinder Diesel Engine
  • Petrol and Diesel fuel systems
  • Heavy duty vehicle chassis frame
  • Light duty vehicle chassis frame
  • Front axle
  • Rear axle
  • Differential
  • Clutch and Gear box
  • Steering Systems with different gearboxes
list of equipment’s

  • Hydraulic dynamometer
  • Eddy current dynamometer
  • Electrical dynamometer
  • Single cylinder two stroke cut section engine
  • Single cylinder four stroke cut section engine
  • Two-wheeler engine test rig
  • Automotive multicylinder SI engine test rig with heat balance arrangement
  • Automotive multicylinder CI engine test rig with heat balance arrangement
  • Emission measuring instruments for petrol & diesel engines
  • Piezo electric pick up, charge Amplifier, Angle Encoder and PC
list of equipment’s

  • Abels flash and fire point apparatus(for petrol)
  • Aniline point Apparatus
  • Reid vapor pressure test Apparatus
  • Bomb and Gas Calorimeters
  • Carbon Residue Test Apparatus
  • Copper Strip Corrosion Test Apparatus
  • Cloud and Pour point Apparatus
  • Redwood Viscometer
  • Saybolt Viscometer
  • ASTM distillation test Apparatus
  • Ash content Test Apparatus
  • Drop point and penetration Apparatus for grease
list of equipment’s

  • Battery, hydrometer, voltage tester
  • Starter motor, regulator, cut-out
  • Distributor, ignition coil, spark plug
  • Auto electrical wiring system
  • Two wheeler chassis dynamometer
  • Coil spring test rig
  • Chain tension test rig
  • Shock absorber test rig
  • Two-wheeler gearbox
  • Two-wheeler clutch
  • Three-wheeler brake assembly
  • Three-wheeler steering assembly
  • Three-wheeler gear box
list of equipment’s

  • Engine Analyzer
  • Cylinder compression pressure gauge
  • Vacuum gauge
  • Spark plug cleaner and tester
  • Cam angle and rpm tester
  • Tachometer
  • Wheel alignment apparatus
  • Gas welding equipment
  • Tyre remover
  • Bearing puller
  • Head light alignment gauge
  • Service manuals of petrol, diesel engines
  • Cylinder reboring machine
  • Valve grinding machine
  • Valve lapping machine
  • Fuel injection calibration test bench with nozzle tester
  • HRD tester, Clamp on meter, Hydrometer
list of equipment’s

  • CAD/CAM Software
  • (Pro-E or IDEAS or Unigraphics or CATIA)
  • AutoCad 2007 √Ę‚ā¨‚Äú 10 Nos
  • Pro-E CRIO √Ę‚ā¨‚Äú 45 Nos
Department of Automobile and MechanicalEngineering of Sriram Engineering College Signed MoU with KOOKMATE,Chennai on 14.02.2018

Department of Automobile, Mechanical and Electrical and Electronics Engineering of Sriram Engineering College Signed MoU with SMD Sealers, Chennai on 14.02.2018