Principal’s Message

Dr. S.R. KANNAN, M.E., Ph.D., FIE


Today, we are witnessing a world with a human population of over 7.50 billion needing food, water, shelter, education, employment and good health. It is also foreseen that future generations across the planet will face greatest challenges in having these needs fulfilled. Inventions and innovations in engineering have constantly provided us with a quality of life generating new ways of solving problems and engineering is always on the run to keep pace with the ever changing complex world.

Aligned with this philosophy, Sriram Engineering College was started in the year 1993 with a vision to meet the needs of a futuristic society through technology.The institute has grown over the years in pursuit of this vision and crossed several milestones of excellence. This has become possible only due to continued patronage of the magnanimous management, tireless efforts of its experienced, qualified faculty and staff members and worthy contributions of its dedicated students and alumni.

Greetings and Welcome to Sriram Engineering College!

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