Seminar on industrial needs for campus placement.

An initiative took by Professor N.Sankar Ram, inorder to make the students pursue their career in top MNC’s he organized for a seminar.The Program was conducted at the Mini-Auditorium ,Sriram College of Arts &Science on 27th March 2017.

The Program started at 1:30 pm and the trainers arrived and were accompanied by Dr.S.Manikandan,Head of CSE Department. The trainers are S.Prakash,Application Developer,Inautix Technologies & R.Divya ,Application Developer,Zoho Corporation. They were felicitated by our HOD with a momento.

Then,they started their session.They introduced themselves to us and gave a short description about their experience in their firm and job. Ms.Divya showed us a power point slide which consists of the various types of designations available and the qualification required for it. They told us that the basic need to get placed in a company depends on our performance at the interview sessions and to learn something with passion. working on what we learnt could help us increase our Knowledge as well as it will also benefit the company too. So they basically thought us on how to be passionate while learning a task.

Mr.Prakash explained about the skills required in an alphabetical order such as A-Attitude, B-Behaviour,C-Communication skills,D-Discipline and so on till Z-Zeal. Finally the concluded the session by giving us a live demonstration on how to perform a Group Discussion.
Though the interaction from the students was very low,the session was really useful. The program ended by 4.00pm.

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