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Recent Publications


  • Rajendra Prasath. B, Tamilporai .P, Mohd .F Shabir (2014), Analysis of combustion performance and emission of extended expansion cycle and IEGR for low heat rejection turbocharged direct injection diesel engines, Thermal Science, VOL. 18(1), PP.129-142
  • Rajendra Prasath. B (2016), Performance and Emission Characteristics of Low heat rejection engine using biodiese, International Journal of Research in Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering, Vol.4(9)
  • Tamiloli .N, Venkatesan .J, Vijaya Ramnath B (2016), A grey-fuzzy modeling for evaluating surface roughness and material removal rate of coated end milling insert, Measurement, vol. 84, pp.68-82
  • Tamiloli .N, Venkatesan .J, Mohammed Thalib Basha .G (2016), Study of Corrosion Behaviour of Tungsten Carbide, Aluminium Chromo Nitride Coated and Diamond LikeCarbone Coated End Milling Insert, International Journal of ChemTech Research,vol. 9(7), pp.242-247
  • Tamiloli .N, Venkatesan .J (2016), Investigation on Effect of Machining Parameters of End Milling on Surface Finish and Temperature Using Taguchi Technique, J.Manuf. Sci. Prod., vol. 16(4), pp.255-261