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Recent Publications


  • Saravanan, P Ram Mohan, T (2018) Three Level Converter Based GUPFC For Enhancement Of Power Quality In Multi-Line Transmission Line System, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol.118, No. 20, pp.1895-1902. (Scopus Indexed)
  • Sankar, S Kumaran, M and Chenguttuvan,J (2018) Investigation and Analysis of Interleaved Dc-Dc Converter for Solar Photovoltaic Module, International Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics ,Vol. 119, No. 12, pp-3019-3035. (Google Scholar Indexed)
  • Sankar,S Moorthy,D (2018) Performance of Series Compensator with UPQC in Power System, International Journal of Applied Engineering Research, Vol.13, No.12. (Scopus Indexed)
  • Sureindar .C, Saravanan .P (2015), Motion detection using optical flow on raspberry PI, International Journal of research in Engineering and Technology, Volume No 2 , issue no 08n, pp. 468-470
  • Pushpavel .S, Saravanan .P (2015), Raspberry PI using IR Thermal camera in agriculture farm for smart irrigation system, International Journal of research in Engineering and Technology, Volume No 2 , issue no 08 , pp. 464-467
  • Vidhyalakshmi, Vasudevan .K (2015), Crack Detection in Solar Cell Panel using IR Reflectance Imaging, International Journal of Innovative Research in Advanced Engineering, Volume 2, Issue No 10, pp 84-88
  • Saritha .K, Dhana Bharathi .I (2014), An Emergency Ambulance Security System by the Shortest Route Using Prioritized Traffic Signaling, International Journal of Research in Engineering & Advanced Technology, Volume 2, Issue 2, pp. 1-3
  • Suganya .K, Deepak, Franklin .P, Vijayakumar .K (2015), Recognition of Nutrition intake using MEAS piezoelectric sensor, International Journal of Innovative research in advanced Engineering, Volume No 2, Issue No 10, pp. 71-75


Name of the FacultyJournalTitleNational / International
Dr.P.Saravanan, HODInternational Journal on Printing, Packing and allied SciencesSpeed Control for Motor Vehicles using global Positioning System Vol.No.6, Pg. No: 4692 - 4697 ,Dec 2016International
Ms.V.SangeethaJournal of Social,Technological and Environmental SciencesBattery charging using Thermoelectric generator using Arduino control 10.21664 / 2238 - 8869.2017v 6sp1.p195-201International