Phoenix Club


A club which was started in the year 1999 for improving and fostering the communication skills of the college students and also to strengthen the senior-junior bond continues to prosper to this date. It has been passed down from one batch to the next making it a tradition such that the Phoenix club has become a signature trademark of the college. The year 2014 has been a bright start for the club. It opened to an enthusiasm and zeal which was sustained throughout the semester. Special mention goes to KannanPiedy, an alumni of the 2010 batch, who has come on vacation from Australia, for attending all the sessions during his spare time and offering the students with invaluable advice. One of the most positive points to note was the fact that the club saw equal participation from both genders rather than the one-sided attendance by the boys as in the previous years. Eight sessions were conducted for this semester and the club consisted of primarily the 2nd year students, especially that of C.S.E. and I.T. . The co-ordinators had hand-picked a few students to take to Pranav ’14, a technical symposium by MeenakshiSundarajan Engineering College. M.S.E.C. is a college that is consistently ranked in the top 3 colleges and it was a moment of pride to note that the students of the Phoenix club had won 3 prizes at the event. The sessions were conducted weekly once on Fridays from 4.15 to 5.30. Much appreciation must be given to the students, especially the girls, for attending the club despite it being conducted after college hours at such late timings even if there was a test the next day. The other highlight of the club for this semester was the fact that the co-ordinators conducted a cultural event named “The Phoenix Triathlon” on behalf of the College Day celebrations. The event received a warm response as close to a 100 students registered for the event and in the end about 60 students participated. There were 14 finalists out of which 3 emerged as winners. The winners were awarded with trophies courtesy of the club and a certificate and a book courtesy of the college. At this juncture the co-ordinators would like to thank the Prinicipal, the management, the English department, all H.O.D.s and last but not least the students for making the club a huge success and enabling it to survive even 15 years after its inception.

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