Seminars/ Conferences/ Work Shops Conducted
Academic Year 2015 – 16
S.No.Name of EventsDateResource Person
1Department of CSE conducted one day Workshop on “PYTHON PROGRAMMING’ for 6 Hrs. [related to Lab Experiment in the curriculam] for final year B.E., (CSE) students.31.07.2015M/s. RISENGG TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai.
2Department of Chemical Engineering conducted inauguration of ‘Association of Chemical Engineers’ in the College premises followed by Guest Lecture on “Advances in Catalytic Nanomaterials and Its Applications’.

19.08.2015Dr. A. Sivasamy, Senior Principal Scientist & Prof. AcSIR Chemical Engineering Dept., CLRI. Adyar, Chennai – 20.
3Department of Automobile Engineering conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Alternative Fuels for Sustainable Mobility and Advanced Technologies’.29.08.2015Dr. N. Saravanan,M.E.,Ph.D., - KM & IPR, Mahindra Research Valley, Mahindra World City, Chennai.
4Department of CSE conducted Guest Lecture on ‘Cloud Computing Infrastructure”.29.08.2015Mr. V. Krishnan, Cloud Computing Group, Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Chennai.
5Department of EEE organized the inauguration of “Association of Electrical & Electronics Engineers”. 03.09.2015Mr. C. Stanley George, HR Head –South India, Hexaware Technologies Ltd., Chennai was the Chief Guest of the occasion.
6Department of EEE –
‘1) Conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Electrical Machines’ for III Year B.E., (EEE) students.
2) Conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Electromagnetic Theory’ for II Year B.E., (EEE) students.
03.09.2015Dr. K. Sathiya Sekar, Prof./EEE, S.A. Engineering College.

Mrs. A. Priya, Associate Professor & HOD/EEE, S.A. Engineering College.
7Department of IT conducted one day Workshop on “PYTHON PROGRAMMING’ for 6 Hrs. [related to Lab Experiment in the curriculam] for final year B.Tech., (IT) students.04.09.2015M/s. RISENGG TECHNOLOGIES, Chennai.
8Department of Mechanical Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Recent Advances in Metrology’ at main auditorium.07.09.2015by Mr. Selvarangarajan, Scientist G (Retd), Technical Services Group, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.
9Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on ‘Industry Expectations from Fresh Engineers’ at Mini Auditorium.07.09.2015Mr. R. Siva Prakash, Specialist / Project Manager in Product Design @ Tata, Chennai & Executive Director @ InSytronics Technologies.
10Department of Chemical Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Development of Safe and Accurate Automatic Blood Group Identification’ at main auditorium.21.09.2015Mr. P. Jayakumar, Associate Professor – Mechanical Engineering, Sethu Institute of Technology, Karipatti.
11Department of Chemical Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Piping Technology & Placement Opportunities’ at main auditorium.22.09.2015by Mr. R. Sathish, Director, Arrow Engineering, Coimbatore District.
12Department of Chemical Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Application of Chemical Reaction Engineering in Biotechnology and Its Optimization of Process Parameter’ at main auditorium.28.09.2015Mr. P. Jayakumar, Associate Professor – Mechanical Engineering, Sethu Institute of Technology, Karipatti.
13Staff Development Programme on ‘Energy Recovery from Natural Gas Hydrates: Prospects & Challenges’ to the Faculty Members.12.01.2016Dr. Praveen LINGA, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, National University of Singapore.
14Department of Chemical Engineering – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Water and Waste Water Treatment” at 10.00 am in the department.20.02.2016Mr. A. Narayanan, B.Tech.,MBA, Founder, Narayanan Water Academy, Thoothukudi Taluk & District.
15Department of ECE – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Hook concepts for developing Matlab Programs, Embedded and Networking Applications” at 10.00 am in auditorium.08.03.2016Mr. K. Musthafa, Managing Director, Tema Solutions, Chennai.
16Department of ECE – conducted a Guest Lecture on “Evolution of Mobile Communication from 1G and the Emerging trends” at 10.00 am in the mini auditorium.18.03.2016Retd., Col. K.S. Chakravarthi, Immediate Past Chairman, IETE, Chennai Centre.
17Department of CSE organized One day National Conference on “Cutting Edge Technologies in Computing and Bio-informatics”. 24.03.2016Dr. R. Gokulakrishnan, Joint Director, Software Technology Parks of India – Chennai (A Society under Ministry of Communication & IT, Govt. of India).
18Department of Automobile & Mechanical organized One day National Conference on “Developments in Automobile & Mechanical Engineering – 2016 [DAME 2016]”. 02.04.2016Mr. S. Narayanan, DGM, Mahindra & Mahindra, MAHINDRA Research Valley, Chennai was the Chief Guest for the inaugural function of the event and
Dr. K. Annamalai, M.E.,Ph.D., Associate Professor, Department of Automobile Engineering, Madras Institute of Technology, Chennai was the Guest of Honor for the above event.
19SREC – Organized a Vacation Training Program for HSC students in the mini auditorium at 9.30 am. This program was conducted from 27th April 2016 to 13th May 2016.27.04.2016Principal and Staff of SREC.
20Staff Development Program was conducted on the topic ‘Social Responsibility of Academics’ 06.06.2016Dr. R.R. Krishnamurthy, Dean-Students Affairs, Dean of Students office, University of Madras, Chepuak, Chennai – 5 & Professor & Head, Department of Applied Geology, School of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences.
Academic Year 2014 – 15
S.No.Name of the EventsDateResource Person
1.Guest Lecture on Heat Transfer and Safety in Chemical Industries06.09.2014Mr.Prasad Srinivasan,
International Flavours and Fragrance, Chennai.
2.Guest Lecture on Introduction to Lab View15.10.2014Dr.V.Satheesh Kumar, IITM, Chennai.
3.Workshop on Life Skills06.11.2014Restless Development India (NGO)
4.Guest Lecture on Challenges for Chemical Engineers in Rocket and Missiles27.01.2015Mr.R.Dorai Raj,
Indian Space Research Organisation, Tiruvananthapuram
5.Guest Lecture on Generation of Electricity through Conventional and non-conventional methods and role of SS in (AC/DC) transmission of electricity from the sources of generation28.01.2015Mr.Ayyadurai,
Leitner Shriram Manufactuing Ltd.,Chennai.
6.Guest Lecture on Theory of Metal Cutting24.02.2015Dr.A.Suresh Babu, Anna University, Chennai.
7.Guest Lecture on Applications of Control Systems16.03.2015Dr.Chendur Kumaran, VIT, Chennai.
8.Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Finite Element Analysis01.04.2015Dr.Malar Mohan, Anna University, Chennai.
9.Guest Lecture on Embedded system Hardware and Software08.04.2015Mr.Balajee Seshadri, Surabee Electronics System Pvt Ltd., Chennai.
Academic Year 2013 – 14
S.No. Name of the EventsDateResource Person
1.Guest Lecture on Green Building27.08.2013Dr.Saravanan,
Anna University,
Chennai - 25
2.Guest Lecture on Effluent Treatment Plan04.09.2013Mr.Prasad Srinivasan,
International Flavours & Fragrance, Chennai.
3.Guest Lecture on Developing Trends and Design Challenges in Automotive Electronics Systems24.09.2013Mr.Dhanendran,
TATA Motors, Pune.
4.Guest Lecture on Brand Valuation26.09.2013Mr.V.Saravanan,
Marck Bio Science Ltd., Chenni.
5.Guest Lecture on Strategic Management – an Outline08.10.2013Mr.A.B.Siva Kumar,
M/S. Sankalp Management Consultants, Chennai.
6.Guest Lecture on Income Tax Filing and Returns13.11.2013Mr.V.A.Karthikeyan, Chartered Accountant, Chennai.
7.Guest Lecture on Latest Trend Infinite Element Analysis20.01.2014Dr.Latha Nagendran, Anna University, Chennai.
8.Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Finite Element Analysis27.01.2014Dr.Latha Nagendran, Anna University, Chennai.
9.Guest Lecture on Recent Trends in Automotive Technology06.02.2014Dr.K.Annamalai, M.I.T, Chennai.
10.Guest Lecture on Recent Developments in Mechanical Engineering13.02.2014Dr.Anbu Durai,
11.Guest Lecture on Computer Architecture15.02.2014Dr.R.Sridharan, Anna University, Chennai.
12.Guest Lecture on Use of SuperCritical Fluids in Extraction / Processing03.03.2014Dr.N.Veda Raman,CLRI, Chennai.
Academic Year 2012 – 13
S.No.Name of the EventsDateResource person
1Guest Lecture on Automotive Gear Transmission20.07.12Dr.C.Chandrasekaran, CVRDE, Chennai.
2Guest lecture on Robotics01.08.2012Mr. s. Jalaluddin Mohammed Ansari,Fabmax Impowering Technologies, Chennai.
3Guest Lecture on Bioprocess Engineering03.08.2012Dr.P.Shanmugam, CLRI , Chennai.
4Guest Lecture on Constructional Features of CNC Machines Tools04.08.2012Mr.K.Loganathan,CVRDE, DRDO, Chennai.
5Guest Lecture on Product Life cycle Management17.08.2012Mr.Naveen Veda, Laser Beam Software Solutions. Chennai.
7Guest Lecture on Network Security23.08.2012Mr.M.S.Gowtham, TCS , Chennai.
8Guest Lecture on ERP & Business Functions25.08.2012Ms.Shoba, CSS Corporation, Chennai.
9Guest Lecture on Japanese Technique of 5S11.09.2012Mr.K.Babu, Rane Engine valves Ltd., Chennai.
10Guest Lecture on NET Frame Works17.09.2012Ms.Nirmala, CMC Ltd., Chennai.
11Guest Lecture on Theory of Computation05.10.2012Ms.Suganthini, Velammal Institute of Technology, Chennai
12Guest Lecture on Robotics05.10.2012Dr.T.V.Moorthy, Anna University, Chennai.
13Conference on Emerging Trends in Green Technology13.09.2012 – 14.09.2012Dr.Jaya Vel, Anna University, Chennai.
Academic Year 2011 – 12
S.No.Name of the EventsDateResource person
1National conference on Telematics27.01.12Dr.M.S.Srinivasan
Advisor (Roads)
TNUIFSL, Chennai
28.01.12Mr.T.Soundra pandiyan
Scientist E,
Vehicle Electronics Division, CVRDE,Chennai
Civil Dept.
IIT, Chennai.
Asst. Director,
2Seminar on Road safety28.01.12Mr.P.Velusamy,
Divisional Manager,
Ashok Leyland, Chennai
23.02.12Dr.G.S. Kandasamy,
SVCET, Thiruvallur.
Academic Year 2010 – 11
S.No.Name of the EventsDateResource person
28.10.10Mr.Md.Shakeel Akther Addl.Commissioner of Police, Chennai Traffic.
HoD-IC Engines
Anna University, Chennai.
1.National conference on current Trends in Telematics29.10.10Dr.Moses santhakumar,
NIT, Trichy.
HoD-IT,CVRDE, Chennai.
Anna University, Chennai.
IRTT, Taramani.
GM-COMSTAR, Chennai.
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