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Chemical Dept. National Conference on “Recent Tends in Chemical, Energy and Environmental Engineering” RTCEE-2018

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National Conference on “Recent Tends in Chemical,Energy and Environmental Engineering” RTCEE-2018 was conducted by the Department of Chemical Engineering at SREC on 27.03.2018. The Chief Guest for the Conference was Dr.A.Kannan ,Professor and Head ,Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Madras.

Faculties and students from various Engineering colleges participated in the Conference .
Faculties and students from various Engineering colleges participated in the Conference .
Proceedings was released by our Chief guest Dr.A.Kannan Professor and Head , Department of Chemcial Engineering ,IIT Madras in presence of our Director Academics Dr.G.Gopalakrishanan , Dr.S.R.Kannan Principal, Dr.A.Kumar HOD and Mr. S.Balachandran Faculty Coordinator.
Kuthu Vilakku was lighed by our Chief Guest Dr.A.Kannan , Professor and Head IIT Madras .
Paper was presented by one of the Participant from Prathusha Engineering College Ms.J.Priyadharshini in our Fore noon Session and she received the best paper award.

Seminars/Workshops/Conferences Conducted

S.No.Name of the eventDateResource personSponsor
1 Chemical Dept. National Conference on “Recent Trends in Chemical Energy and Environmental Engineering (RTCEE -2018) - Click here to View 27.03.2018 Dr.A.Kannan ,Professor and Head ,Department of Chemical Engineering IIT Madras.SRET
2Guest Lecture on “Solid Waste Management”21.02.2018 / 01:30p.m
(Mini Auditorium)
Dr.Kurian Joseph, Professor, Centre for Environmental studies, Anna Univeristy
Guindy Chennai:600025
3National Level Technical Symposium “Extract 2K17”26.09.2017/10:00a.m
(Main Auditorium)
Mr.S.Ramalingeshwara Sharma , Unit Head , Chennai plant , Ruchi Soya industries Limited - Periyapalayam - “Shared his about oil technology and its application in Chemical engineering”SRET
4Guest Lecture on “Biodiesel - Preparation, properties and Evaluation”25.07.2017/02:00p.m
(Mini Auditorium)
Senior Technical Officer, Central Leather Research Institute , Chennai: 600020
5Guest Lecture on CHEMICAL ENGINEERING IN 21ST CENTURY28.01.2017/10:00 a.mDr.Kamatam Krishnaiah, Professor, IIT Madras, Chennai - 600036.-
6Guest Lecture on “Production of Bio diesel from marine algal biomass”26.09.2016Dr.S.Renganathan, Professor,
Department of BioTechnology,
Anna University, Chennai.
7Guest Lecture on “Active soft matter for Macro machines”29.08.2016Dr.Sumesh .P.Thampi ,Assistant Professor,
Department of chemical Engineering,
Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
8National level conference on Global Warming-Causes, Effects and its Mitigation Efforts,23.09.2010 & 24.09.2010Dr.K.Karthikeyan,
District Environmental Engineer,
TNPCB, Chennai
Dr.G.Sekaran,Head & Deputy Director,
Environment Technology Division, CLRI, Chennai
Dr. Kurian Joseph,
Associate professor,
Centre for Environmental studies, Anna University, Chennai.


National Level Technical Symposium “Extract 2K17”

The Principal is giving the Memento to the Chief Guest Mr.S.Ramalingeshwara Sharma , and HoD is honouring the Chief guest with Shawl and gift.
Extract 2K17 Souvenir was released by the chief Guest in presence of our honourable Principal Dr.S.R.Kannan, HoD of Chemical Engineering Dr..A.Kumar, Symposium Co-ordinator Mr.K.Prakash Singh , Student Secretary Mr.Anandha Balajai and Joint Secretary Mr.Thirunavukkarasu.
Technical and Non Technical Events were conducted and prizes were given by our HoD Dr.A.Kumar

The Department association, Association of Chemical Engineers (ACE), organizes National level Technical symposium, ”EXTRACT” every year besides organizing Guest lectures, Industrial visits, Educational tours and In-plant training for the students

S.No.Name of the eventDateResource personProfessional society
1Industrial visit at Crown Technologies Pvt Ltd, Irungattukottai27/09/2016 & 28/09/2016Chemical EngineeringACE
2Industrial visit at United Breweries Pvt Ltd, Thiruvallur20/07/2016 & 21/07/2016Chemical EngineeringACE
3Industrial visit at Western Paints Pvt Ltd,Maraimalai Nagar, Chennai31/01/2017 & 01/02/2017Chemical EngineeringACE
4Industrial visit at Ruchi Soya Industries Ltd, Chennai17/02/2017Chemical EngineeringACE
Department of Biotechnology ,Anna University,Chennai
6CHEMICAL ENGINEERING IN 21st century28.01.2017Dr. Kamatam Krishnaiah,
IIT Madras,
7“Droplet Microfluidics- INTRODUCTION AND SOME APPLICATIONS”22.03.17Dr. Raghunathan Rengaswamy,
Department of Chemical Engineering,
IIT Madras,
S.NoName of the eventDateResource personProfessional society
1Application of Chemical Reaction Engineering in Bio-Technology and its optimization of process parameter28.09.2015Mr.M.Anis Kumar, Asst Professor , Department of Bio Technology, PABCET , Trichy District.ACE
2Piping Technology and Placement Opportunities.22.09.2015Mr. R.Sathish , Director, Arrow Engineering. Coimbatore District.ACE
3Development of safe and accurate Automatic Blood group identification.21.09.2015Mr.P.Jayakumar , Associate Professor , Department of Mechanical Engg , Sethu Institute of Technolgy, Virudhunagar.ACE
4Advances in Catalytic Nano
materials and its applications
company of Industrial Senior Principal Scientist
expert. CLRI , Adayar
5Industrial visit for III Yr and II Yr students to CIPET GUINDY14.06.2015Chemical Engineering
S.NoName of the eventDateResource personProfessional society
1Guest Lecture on “WATER AND WASTE WATER TREATMENT” by Mr.A.Narayanan, B.Tech,M.B.A Founder Narayanan Water Academy Vagaikulam Thoothukudi Tk and District20/02/2016Mr.A.Narayanan, B.Tech,M.B.A Founder
Narayanan Water Academy Vagaikulam,
Thoothukudi Tk and District
2Guest Lecture on ‘Heat Transfer and Safety In Chemical Industries ‘06.09.2014Mr. Prasad Srinivasan, Factory Manager, International Flavours and Fragrances, Chennai.ACE
3Educational tour for IV Yr students 09.08.2014         to 14.09.2014Mr.S.Balachandran / AP
4Industrial visit for III Yr and II Yr students to ‘Creative Tanneries Pvt. Ltd’, Chinnandimadam, Chennai.08.08.2014Mr.Vikram Krishnan / AP Mr.K.Prakash singh / AP Ms.S.Nivedita/APACE
5Industrial visit for II Yr and III Yr students to ‘Western India Paints and Color Co.Pvt.Ltd.’,Maraimalai Nagar Chengalpattu.18/08/2014Mr.S.Balachandran / AP
S.No.Name of the eventDateResource personAssociation
1Guest Lecture on use of super critical fluids in extraction and processing03.03.2014Dr.N.Vedaraman
Scientist, Chemical Engineering Department,CLRI, Adyar,Chennai
2 Industrial visit for III year students to Tiruttani co-operative Sugar Mills, Thiruvalangadu24.02.2014Mr.S.Balachandran / AP
Mrs.N.Umaiyambika / AP
3Guest Lecture on ‘Effluent Treatment Plant’04.09.2013Mr. Prasad Srinivasan, Factory Manager, International Flavours and Fragrances, Chennai.ACE
4Guest Lecture on ‘Bioprocess Engineering’03.08.2012Dr.P.Shanmugam, Principal Scientist, CLRI, Chennai.ACE
5Guest Lecture on ‘Current Industrial Scenario’20.07.2011.S.H.Subramaniam, Lead Auditor, ISO systems, CPCL, Chennai. ACE
6Guest Lecture on ‘Inherent Safety in Chemical Process Industries’16.07.2010Dr.G.S.Venkatarathinam, Scientist, CLRI, Chennai. ACE
7Guest Lecture on ‘Chemical Engineering Scenario in India and Abroad’22.01.2010Dr. N.Nagendra Gandhi, Professor, A.C.Tech campus, Anna University, Chennai. ACE
8Guest Lecture on ‘Bioprocess Engineering’25.02.2010Dr.K.V.Radha, Assistant Professor, A.C.Tech , Anna University, Chennai. ACE
9Guest Lecture on ‘Process Modeling Simulation and Control’17.08.2009Dr.R.C.Panda, Scientist, CLRI, Chennai.ACE
10Industrial visit for III Yr and IV Yr students to ‘Creative Tanneries Pvt. Ltd’, Chinnandimadam, Chennai.04.10.2013Mr.Vikram Krishnan / AP,
Mrs.J.B.Veeramalini / AP
11Industrial visit for II Yr students to ‘Chennai Petroleum Corporation Ltd’,Manali, Chennai.11.09.2013Mrs.N.Umaiyambika / AP,
Mr.K.Prakash singh / AP
12Industrial visit for II Yr and III Yr students to ‘ Madras Fertilizers Ltd.’,Manali,Chennai.07.01.2014 & 08.01.2014Dr.M.HelenKalavathy, Prof.& HoD
Mrs.N.Umaiyambika / AP
Mr.K.Prakash singh / AP
Mr.S.Balachandran / AP
13Industrial visit for II Yr and IV Yr students to ‘ 100 MLD Sea Water Desalination Plant’Chennai.25.08.2012Mrs.N.Umaiyambika / AP
Mr.K.Prakash singh / AP
14Educational tour for IV Yr students09.09.2013 to 15.09.2013Mr.S.Balachandran / AP
Ms.V.Shalini / AP
15Educational tour for IV Yr students11.09.2012 to 15.09.12Mr.K.Vikram / APACE
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