B.Tech. Chemical Engineering (Accredited by NBA)

About the Department
Year of Inception1995
Sanctioned IntakeStarted with 40 seats during academic year 1995-1996

Intake increased to 60 during academic year 1996-1997

Intake decreased from 60 to 40 during academic year 2001 - 2002

Increase in Intake from 40 to 60 during academic year 2015 – 2016
Accreditation statusAccredited by NBA in the year 2006 for 3 years

Accredited by NBA in the year 2013 for 2 years

To Produce quality Chemical Engineers with high ethical and professional standards for research and development, process, production, environmental safety, biochemical techniques & allied areas.


To ensure our students contribute themselves towards National development and to present the world with clean, safe and healthy environment for generations to come.

Department Library

The Department maintains a library to meet the specific needs of its students and staff.

  • No. of volumes: 593
  • No. of titles: 256
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